Get Involved!

There are many incredible things happening in the world that are imagining, expressing, and inviting the beauty, order, and abundance of God's Kingdom on this Earth. These are a few ways we invite you to partner with us!


Partnering with my family!

Our family is able to do what we do primarily through those that financially partner with us from around the world. If you love what we are up to, and want to include yourself in what we are doing, please feel free to click the link for a tax deductible option!

p.s. THANK YOU!!

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This scholarship fund is to see local South Africans from disenfranchised backgrounds experience, learn, and grow in who God is and how to make Him known to the world. This 6-month program was was created for the purpose "To know Him and make Him known" To get involved in the process or learn more please feel free to click the link below!

p.s. THANK YOU!!