Hi friends!

If you were at my house I'd offer you a coffee, but here's to hoping you already have one in your hand. Below is a little bit of my story, but anything I share it is because I believe you are deeply valuable and I hope there is something here for you.

 I am on a journey of learning more what it means to be Human, and I invite you on that journey with me. 

I find stories fascinating, and I hope you feel welcome to share in mine.

I was born and raised in Portland Oregon. A part of a family that was as big as it was loud. A place where there was always a reason found to celebrate. 

I then moved and grew in different places that include variying States within the U.S. and then further afield to New Zealand, The Philippines, and ultimately Cape Town, South Africa.

My mission has been counter-human trafficking. My goal has been restoration. My love has been tested, tried, broken, and re-imagined. 


To book Kimberly to speak please email: INFO@Kimberlybrune.com